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Serial connection from your PC to Raspberry Pi

I needed an example device for tests of an implementation of a serial connection terminal. A Raspberry Pi is especially suited: It dumps a lot of kernel data upon boot and it listens for input as soon as the login prompt appears (after about one minute).


  • FTDI serial cable to USB converter TTL-232R-3V3 from http://www.ftdichip.com/
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Jump wires male - female

Wiring is simple: Just connect the FTDI cable as shown in the sketch below:



  1. FTDI GND -> RaspPi GND
  2. FTDI TXD -> RaspPi RXD
  3. FTDI RXD -> RaspPi TXD
  • Fire up PuTTY and setup as in the following screenshot (speed/baud rate = 115200)


  • Press "Open" and you should receive the kernel boot messages followed by a login prompt.