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Capture Screen with ffmpeg / screencast

On Windows you can record your screen to an .mp4 file using ffmpeg:

  • Download ffmpeg for Windows from
  • Run e.g. with following command: ffmpeg -f gdigrab -framerate 30 -show_region 1 -i desktop out.mp4

(the capture devices




did not work for me on my Windows 10 machine, they were not even listed in the available video devices.)

For details see ffmpeg's

On Windows 10, you can also try to use Windows' Screen Recording to record a window. Just press Win+G and check Yes, this is a game. Afterwards you get a Record button. Your recordings will be saved to %HOMEPATH%\Videos\Captures

Start an application with the debugger attached

You can automatically attach the Visual Studio Just-In-Time debugger when a process is started on Windows. The steps are simple:

  • Open the Registry Editor
  • navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options
  • Select the application you want to debug:
    • Either it already exists as subkey, then use that one
    • Or, you have to create a new key in Image File Execution Options with the name of the application (e.g. chrome.exe)
  • Create a new string value with name debugger and name vsjitdebugger.exe


Enable VT-x for VirtualBox

My Virtual Machine was running very slow in VirtualBox 4.3.28. Unbearable slow. I though I remembered running it faster, but I wasn't sure.

Indicators for the problem I'll describe next are:

  • In CPU-Z the VT-x feature is missing in the Instructions list of the CPU.
  • In VirtualBox's Create New dialog box only 32-bit OS are shown.
  • In VirtualBox's settings of an existing VM, the Acceleration tab in the System settings is disabled/grayed out.

After some googling around at the wrong corners of the Internet I found this post by vonnie mentioning that maybe on my Windows 8.1 host the feature Hyper-V was enabled. I think this steals the VT-x functionality somehow for usage by itself. Disabling this feature boosted the performance of my VMs dramatically!

To disable Hyper-V in Windows 8.1 go to Turn Windows features on or off via Windows' search functionality (hotkey: Win+Q). You'll have to reboot.

These screenshots have been taken after fixing the problem:vt-x-1 vt-x-2


Use VIM as git editor on Windows

The following configures git to use VIM as the default editor (e.g. for commit messages) on Windows:
git config --system core.editor 'C:\\PROGRA~2\\Vim\\vim73\\gvim.exe' --wait


  • Uses short directory names. You can find these using e.g.:

    dir /X "C:\Program Files (x86)*"

    Notice the star at the end of the command line. This will reveal the short name PROGRA~2
  • Use double backslashes
  • Use single quotes
  • Use the --wait option after closing the single quotes for the path to the VIM editor

My Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 setup

List of things to do after Windows 7 install

+ Bonus: added specials for Windows 8.1


  • Old style menu
  • Language: Prefer English: Tools \ Options \ Content
  • Preferences / Privacy / ...Do not track
  • Addons
    • Ghostery
    • Firebug
    • ...

2014-03-29 07_57_50

2014-03-29 08_00_45


    • Accounts....
    • Copy old mails from %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\vdfgdfdfg\...
    • about:config
      • mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar: false
    • Preferences:
      • Security / Web Contents / Tell... do not track
      • Advanced / Reading and Display / Uncheck: Automatically mark messages as read
      • Display / Formatting / Plain Text Messages: Uncheck: Display emoticons as graphics

Clink - Powerful Bash-style command line editing for cmd.exe



  • Change Save folder: D:\Temp\greenshots
  • Destination: Save directly...

Sysinternals Suite


  • During install: Enable "Create .bat files for command line usage", disable "Native language support"
  • Make GVim the "default". In "CMD (Run as Administrator)"
cd /d C:\windows
ren vim.bat cvim.bat
ren vimdiff.bat cvimdiff.bat
ren vimtutor.bat cvimtutor.bat
copy gvim.bat vim.bat
copy gvimdiff.bat vimdiff.bat

Quick Launch in Task Bar

    • Activate (as in WinXP)
      • Task Bar, right click / Toolbars / New toolbar... / %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\
    • Add CMD shortcut
      • Change CMD shortcut properties
        • Options / Edit Options / Quick Edit
      • Layout/Screen Buffer Size / Height: 9999
      • Shortcut / Start In: C:\
    • Remove: Internet Explorer, Switch between windows, Show desktop

Libre Office


  • Still setup-x86.exe (not setup-x64.exe)



  • Options / Settings / General / Directories & files
  • Options / Settings / CD Database / Remote freedb / Your E-mail address

Bullzip PDF Printer




  • No MSN / Bing, etc.
  • No Click to call
  • Settings:
    • Launch at Windows startup?
    • Disable: Skype WiFi
    • Privatsphäre / Microsoft erlauben, personalisierte Anzeigen... -> Disable
    • Advanced / Advanced Settings / Skype in Taskleiste anzeigen: Disable
  • Windows Traybar: Show icon and notifications





  • During install: No Smileys


  • Create %USERPROFILE%\.octaverc with line "output_precision(14)"

Visual Studio


Adobe Reader


  • IrfanView itself
    • Assiciate with extensions: Images only
    • No Chrome browser
  • IrfanView PlugIns


Java (needed?)

  • After installation: Configure Java / Advanced / Miscellaneous (bottom) / Suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java


  • During installation: Uncheck: File type association for audio files, Uncheck: Context menu

Code Compare

  • Maybe download via Visual Studio. Menu Tools / Extensions and updates... to avoid registration
  • In Code Compare: Menu Tools / Options / Environment / General: Check Use standalone application from command line by default



Remote Desktop

  • Allow remote access to your computer


  • Change ownership of previously used hard disk drivers via Computer Management / Disk Management / Properties / Security / Advanced / Owner / Edit / Change owner to...


  • Manage file encryption certificates / Export


  • Tools / Folder options / View:
    • Display full path in title bar
    • Show hidden files,....
    • Uncheck: Hide extensions...
    • Uncheck: Hide protected operating files....



  • Get via GetGnuWin32
    • Destination: D:\TEMP
    • cd /d D:\TEMP\GetGnuWin32
    • download.bat
    • install C:\gnuwin32
    • rd /q /s D:\TEMP\GetGnuWin32
    • append to PATH: C:\gnuwin32\bin
    • ren sort.exe _sort.exe & ren mkdir.exe _mkdir.exe (these are problematik as they do not work as the Windows tools with same name but are expected by e.g. many build scripts)

Environment variables


Miscellaneous Additional settings

  • Desktop: Personalize \ Desktop Background \ Solid colors: Black
  • Control panel: View by: Small Icons
  • Control Panel: Clock and Region \ Change date, time, or number formats: Short date: yyyy-MM-dd
  • Date and time: Internet Time:
  • Power Options: Change plan settings / Put computer to sleep: Never
  • Taskbar: Uncheck: Lock the taskbar, Use small icons, Taskbar buttons: Never combine
  • Troubleshooting / Change settings: Off
  • Windows Defender: Tools / Microsoft SpyNet / I don't want to join...
  • Keyboard: Install custom keyboard layout
  • Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Action Center\Problem Reporting Settings: Never check for solutions
  • Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance: Disable transparency
  • Windows Media Player: Custom settings: Everything "Internet": Disable
  • Windows 8.1: Change Search to always launch a new instance. Use registry file from this blog postreghack_win81_search_DesktopAppsAlwaysLaunchNewInstance.regwin81_search
  • Disable changing of keyboard layout with CTRL+SHIFT: go to Settings / Language / Advanced settings / Change language bar hot keys / Between input languages: Change key sequence: Not assigned
  • Disable "Windows is checking for solution" dialog: run "gpedit", change Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Error Reporting: Disable Windows Error Reporting -> Enabled